Freshman Week

Every year the Crimson Key Society welcomes Harvard’s incoming class of freshmen by coordinating and hosting Freshman Orientation Week. The week consists of events designed to ease the stress of the transition and bring Harvard’s newest students into an environment where they can start forming lasting friendships.

Each day of Freshman Week, members of the Crimson Key Society are stationed at a tent in the Yard ready to give out keys, answer questions,  give directions, and guide freshmen to that day’s events.

Here are some events we’ve planned for past Freshman Weeks:

First Chance Dance
School dances may sound like high school but this is a new and improved college version with approximately sixteen hundred of your soon to be best friends! Dance your heart out in one of Harvard’s most fun spaces to some of the danciest DJ stylings you’ll find anywhere.

Love Story
The legendary annual showing of this Academy Award-winning movie, plus participation by authentic Crimson Key Society members. Join us for our very own witty and irreverent commentary on one of the worst critically-acclaimed movies of all time! Good times to be had by all, guaranteed!

Freshman Talent Show
World-class entertainment in a world-class venue. Show off! Or at least, come watch in the name of fun and friendship. Auditions are held throughout Freshman Week.

Plaza & Chill
Opening Days are such a busy and exciting time, so here’s your chance to kick back and chill with Crimson Key! After lunch, come hang out with us and enjoy some sweet treats while also catching some rays, playing lawn games, and getting to know the incoming Class and CKS.