Comp Overview
Since 1948, Crimson Key has provided invaluable service to the Harvard community, from our daily historical tours of Harvard Yard to our community outreach program, TEACH, and Keysters have a great time doing it all.

The Crimson Key Society selects new members each year through a comp process that begins in February and concludes in April. Key Comp has two phases. In the first phase, after attending an information session and completing a short application, prospective CKS members sit for a 20 minute interview, at which compers are asked to present one model tour stop. In the second phase, prospective CKS members prepare a full campus tour and deliver it to two different members of Key.

Our 69th annual comp is now underway! See below to fill out our interest form, download our application, and find resources to help you in the comp process.

Comp Interest Form
If you are planning to comp Key, please fill out our Comp Interest Form (this can be done any time before the application due date) and add us on Facebook to get live updates about comp!

Please note that the Comp Interest Form is separate from our application.

Comp Application
Applications are due Friday 2/10 from 9AM – 4PM in the Boylston Mezzanine Lounge (upstairs from Ticknor). Look for us in red sweatshirts! You will hand in the application directly to a Key member and schedule your interview.

If you cannot hand in the application in person on Friday, please email the Comp Director at .

Please download the application PDF by clicking the button below. You may fill it out by hand or type your responses, but we won’t accept applications by email; you must turn in a paper copy. Please print the application double-sided if possible.

Download Application

Info Sessions
Attend our info sessions to meet members and find out more about comp! All info sessions will be held in Ticknor Lounge in Boylston Hall.

  • Thursday Feb 2 @ 7 PM
  • Monday Feb 6 @ 7 PM
  • Tuesday Feb 7 @ 5 PM
  • Wednesday Feb 8 @ 8 PM

Comp Resources
Feel free to use the following resources to prepare your tour stop for your interview.

Tour Outline
You can view a suggested tour outline here. This document outlines the bare minimum information that should be presented for each tour stop. We strongly encourage you to go on model tours, do outside research, and include personal stories to make your stop unique.

Model Tours
Friday, February 10 – Friday, February 17 (5pm each day)
Led by members of CKS exclusively for compers! Meet in front of Lehman Hall/Dudley House in the Yard.

The 2/12 Model Tour is cancelled due to inclement weather.

Frequently Asked Questions
You can view answers to frequently asked questions about Crimson Key comp here.

Other Comp Resources
You are more than welcome to check out our regular tours, which run every Monday – Saturday at 11 AM, 12 PM, and 1 PM. All CKS tours leave from the Information Center in the Smith Campus Center.

Our guidebook, Inside Harvard, is another great resource as you prepare your model tour stop. Find the guidebook at Harvard libraries, the Harvard Coop, and on

If you have any questions regarding Crimson Key comp, feel free to email our Comp Director, Shub Chhokra ’18, at .