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Comp Resources – First Round

Feel free to use the following resources to prepare your tour stop for your interview.

Tour Outline
You can view a suggested tour outline here. This document outlines the bare minimum information that should be presented for each tour stop. We strongly encourage you to go on model tours, do outside research, and include personal stories to make your stop unique.

Model Tours
Monday, February 12 – Friday, February 16 (5pm each day)
Led by members of CKS exclusively for compers! Meet in the courtyard behind Matthews and in front of Straus.

Interview Day Logistics
All interviews (except for those on Tuesday) will be taking place in the classrooms above Annenberg, either in Memorial Hall 202, 203, 302, or 303. You can access the classrooms by exiting out the back of Annenberg and taking the elevator up to the second floor where you will see signs for the waiting area. A Key member will come to get you once it is time for your interview. If you have an interview on Tuesday, we will be reaching out personally to notify you of your interview location.

Interviews will be approximately 15-20 minutes in length, consisting of a 5-10 minute tour stop and other questions to gauge your interest in the Crimson Key Society. Furthermore, you will not be performing your model tour stop at the location; rather, you will be in the classroom, pretending to be at the location of your tour stop.

Frequently Asked Questions
You can view answers to frequently asked questions about Crimson Key comp here.

Other Comp Resources

You are more than welcome to check out our regular tours, which run every Monday – Saturday at 11 AM, 12 PM, and 1 PM. All CKS tours leave from the Information Center in the Smith Campus Center.

Our guidebook, Inside Harvard, is another great resource as you prepare your model tour stop. Find the guidebook at Harvard libraries, the Harvard Coop, and on

If you have any questions regarding Crimson Key comp, feel free to email our Comp Director, Spencer Ma ’19, at [email protected].